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Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for all of your nice letters over the years. We would like to share your letters below. Unfortunately, we don't have the room to list all of them here, but you're always welcome to browse our large book of letters anytime you're waiting in our comfortable lounge.

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Ingrid Michael
December 30, 1999

Dear Arman and Co.,
Thank you so much for being so efficient and fast! You always do a great job. I have been coming here for 5 years and every time you all have been great. My car is over 13 years old and thanks to you it is running great. In fact, Herb's Garage is the only place I will take my car!

Patty Hairabedian
December 30, 1999

Dear Arman and Ashlyn,
Thanks for making my life so much easier. Not only do I get great service from you, but I have a lot of fun. Now who can ever say that about getting your car repaired? In this world of nonsense, you all bring back trust and friendship in the world of business. More power to you... Thanks for everything every time.
With much adoration and respect.

Mark A. Williams, CLA, T.W.
December 30, 1999

Dear Arman,
Thank you very much for fixing my car, quickly, honestly and in the most professional and friendly way. Your new shop is clean and equipped to the max, congratulations! Many people are in great need of an honest auto repair shop like yours.
Your recent donation to Christian Life Assembly is well received and we are very thankful. You are respected and are one of the most caring business leaders in Orange County. Many people say good things, but doing good is another story.
May God continue to bless you and give you strength in the days to come.
Thank you for your time and generous consideration.
Yours in Christ Jesus, Mark A. Williams, CLA, T.W.

Dana Terry
December 29, 1999

Dear Herb's Garage,
Finding you guys is like finding a gold mine! I have lived in Costa Mesa for 10 years and have gone to many garages, e.g., Purrfect Auto, Quality Auto, and so on, at each of those I was given unacceptable work, price gouging or just downright lied to.

I happened upon your garage and knew I needed a lot of work done on my 89 Ford Probe, your estimate was 1/3 less than others and was even told I did not need some of the work another place told me I needed. When I got my car back, not only did it run like new but you had fixed a few cosmetic things on my car "FREE OF CHARGE". Wow, what a breath of fresh air you guys are! Not only is your work wonderful, but your customer service is superb. Keep up the great work, I have become a loyal customer.

Thank you sincerely.

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